ESS-Protect insurance

"ESS-Protect" is an insurance policy offered to clients to cover lessons purchased from ESS Vercorin in the event of accident, illness, Covid-related cancellations or when lessons are not held due to ski area or lift facility closures.


The insurer is ESS Vercorin, which offers an insurance service under the "ESS-Protect" brand.


The policyholder is a person who has booked or purchased courses from ESS Vercorin and has taken out "ESS-Protect" insurance.

Insured benefits

"ESS-Protect" only provides courses booked or purchased from ESS Vercorin

Amount of the premium

CHF 5 per day and per person

Validity of the insurance

The insurance is valid as soon as it is purchased and more precisely during the period of the course days purchased from the ESS Vercorin.

Only the insured person's courses will be covered by "ESS-Protect".

Purpose of the contract

The insurer guarantees the pro rata-temporal reimbursement or replacement of missed classes according to the conditions of the insurance below.

Conditions of the insurance

"ESS-Protect" will provide the services mentioned below in the following situations:

    • In the event of an accident of the insured person and only upon presentation of a medical certificate
    • In the event of illness of the insured person and only upon presentation of a medical certificate during the period of validity of the insurance
    • In case of complete closure of the ski area (100% of the closed installations)
    • In the event of partial closure of the ski area and only if it is not possible for the insurer to move the course (place & time)

Covid (2022-2023 season)

  • All reservations for the winter season 2020/2021 will benefit from a 100% money back guarantee in case of official government measures such as :
  • Partial or total containment of Switzerland, resulting in the closure of leisure facilities, including ski lifts.
  • Partial or total containment of the Customer's country of origin
  • A quarantine imposed by Switzerland on arrival in the country, or a quarantine imposed by the country of the Customer on his return, not allowing him to travel reasonably.
  • You or a family member has VIDOC-19 and is unable to travel (medical certificate required)


  • Pro-rata temporal reimbursement or replacement of courses must be made directly to the ESS Vercorin office during the insured's stay in Vercorin. Only cases of illness or accident that do not allow the insured person or his or her family to travel may be settled later by post or e-mail.

Legal bases

This contract is subject to Swiss law and the place of jurisdiction is Sierre. In addition, the provisions of the Federal Law on Insurance Contracts (VVG) and the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO) apply.

Exclusions from coverage

All situations other than those mentioned under the point "Insurance condition".

Use of drugs, narcotics, drugs not prescribed by a doctor

Drunkenness, intentional acts and acts, conscious non-compliance with official prohibitions. Suicide, attempted suicide or self-harm.